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About this project

This resource has been developed by the LSIS STEM Programme.

It builds upon and aligns with the recent work into improving practical science carried out by SCORE (Science Community Representing Education) on behalf of the Department of Children, Schools and Families.

In particular, it draws upon the Getting Practical programme which is delivering face-to-face professional development across the country. Elements of the Getting Practical package have been adapted to produce this online resource, now suitable for use by individual teachers in the learning and skills sector. The Getting Practical programme is delivered by four coordinating partners:

  • Association for Science Education
  • National network of Science Learning Centres
  • Centre for Science Education at Sheffield Hallam University.

The project's contributing and supporting partners are shown on the Partners slide.

Further details of the sources underpinning the Getting Practical programme can be found here.

The resource also draws upon findings from 21 action research projects carried out through the LSIS STEM Programme's 'Embedding Pedagogy into Practical Science' project.