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Practical Science

Practical work is a vital part of learning science. Effective practical activities require ideas as well as equipment to be manipulated in the science classroom. Although practical work can be inspiring and motivating, it may not always impact sufficiently on learning.

This interactive resource aims to support you to improve the quality of learning resulting from practical work. It is not a set of suggested practical activities to use in the classroom. Instead, it provides a framework for clarifying and achieving learning outcomes through engaging practical work.

There are four modules.

  1. Reflecting on practical work.
  2. Reflecting on your own practice.
  3. Planning for effective practical work.
  4. Action research.

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Throughout this resource, we use ‘teaching and learning’ and ‘teacher’ as generic terms to include:

  • teaching, training and learning; and
  • teachers, tutors, trainers, lecturers and instructors in the learning and skills sector.

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